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Why You Should Think Twice Before Buying Anything “Made In China”

China’s economy in numbers

China has the world’s largest economy in terms of purchasing power and the world’s second largest economy as calculated by the nominal GDP. These two statistics show just how giant China’s economy is and how this fastest growing economy with averages of 10% for the last 30years is becoming the world’s manufacturing hub. Agriculture and industry are the two leading sectors of an economy where the unemployed account for an average 4% of the labor force and the population below the poverty line being 6.1%. China is a trading giant just as it is an economy giant having signed trading treaties with international organizations and countries all over the world including mostly in Africa and the Middle East.

Despite these overwhelming figures of the Chinese economy, something is always found wanting about every product that originates from the world’s largest economy in terms of purchasing power. Most critics point out at the labor force used in Chinese corporations. An analysis of the major companies and the labor forces employed showed that:

  • Prisoners make most Chinese products from labor camps
  • A good percentage of the products are also manufactured by using the military as labor personnel. This is disregarding the qualifications required as they are taken with little or no training before being used as a source of energy for these manufacturing companies.
  • The Chinese disenfranchised labor force also are involved in mass production of products in China.

It is rumored that 95% of the Chinese economy is owned and driven by none other than cadres and leaders of the PLA, (People’s Liberation Army).

By using a cheap labor force, Chinese firms have gained a competitive edge over competing companies from other countries that work genuinely in providing nothing short than quality to the market. Let’s take India, for example; a number of toy companies were closed down as they lacked the competitive edge of competing against toys coming from China. An interesting point to note here is that Chinese firms owned by leaders of the People’s Liberation Army manufactured these toys. These companies employ the Chinese military as labor. This is the cheapest form of energy as they are not paid. This makes it easy for these Chinese enterprises to dump their products in other countries killing the indigenous industries.

Buying in China also means that you are in support of counterfeit goods, which come from the China market. The Chinese government and necessary stakeholders have not limited this as the trend has been transferred to the medicine industry. In 2001, more than 192,000 sick people died from consuming cheap and counterfeit medications, which had been made in China. Somehow the Chinese seem to have known how to infiltrate their products in foreign countries where they use these countries are to them dumping sites and not even market for their goods. This is so since they know their goods lack that competitive edge to compete with other products so they give these goods an unfair advantage, which are low prices.

Because of trying to keep the costs way too low, the Chinese might have gone a step farther this time. They are using harmful substances in manufacturing their products and these are known to cause cancer to humans. This explains why there are new cases of cancer in countries that the disease was not even known by many people at first. Some of the compounds the Chinese use in manufacturing their products include:

  • Toluene - Chinese firms use this harmful substance in producing plastic bottles for sodas and other soft drinks, as well as nylons. Toluene is also used as a solvent when dealing with paint and other adhesives. Toluene is harmful and causes cancer to persons exposed to or using products made from the substance.
  • PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) – This is commonly used by Chinese companies as a coolant for their cars or industrial machines manufactured there.
  • Arsenic – Chinese companies in bronzing their products frequently use this compound. It also can be used in producing pesticides and pyrotechnics and is known to cause cancer.
  • Chlorpyrifos - This is another substance used in pesticide products from China and is known to fasten the growth of food but not without a price. This chemical survives in plants, is transferred to humans and is known to cause cancer. The other diseases that such like substance cause include spectrum disorder and ADHD, which are all neurobehavioral and affect a person’s development.

Other harmful chemicals used for products made in China include DDT/DDE, Fluorides, Lead and Manganese, Polybrominated Biphenyl Ethers and Mercury among others.

What Is Your Responsibility

  •  When shopping, you are advised to carry out a broad analysis on a given product before deciding to purchase it. Understand where it is from and if you read that “Made in China” tag, it should be easier for you as the analysis ends there. There is no need of doing an analysis trying to find a label “This kills humans too” on an insecticide as it will never happen. Most important thing is to avoid Chinese products at all costs.
  •  Importantly when buying toys for your kid, never go for a China-made toy unless you want your baby to be diagnosed with brain or another type of cancer in the future.
  •  Chinese products have not only managed to infiltrate our industrial products but agricultural too. This makes it necessary for one to check on which meals they feed. Some harmful pesticides coming from China have caused deaths and are continuing to cause more deaths as not most people are aware of them.

And lastly

When buying things from China, you naturally are increasing their market size for dumping. This translated to increased production and generation of more wealth and benefits to firm owners. But who are they? People’s Liberation Army leaders, looking to satisfy their quest for more power through gaining control of the economy. At 95%, they already have good control and should be stopped rather than promoted.


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