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Why and how to quit washing your hair using shampoo

This topic has been known to form good debating points, but even the opposition know that it's true your hair will do better without using shampoo to wash it.
If you have been washing your hair with shampoo all along with no noticeable differences noted, this will be a good read for you. Not only will you learn how to quit by using shampoo but you will also have an in-depth understanding of the benefits of not of washing your hair without shampoo.

The Arguments Supporting Quitting On The Use Of Shampoos
1. Science
In chemistry, it is taught that pH scale that measures from 0-14 can identify the alkalinity or acidity of a substance. Water sits on the fence at 7 meaning that is neutral. All substances below that are acidic and the ones above it are fundamental in nature. Remember in biology where they teach that the skin is acidic in nature so as to prevent from fungus and bacteria attacks? You would imagine that shampoo come into the market neutral as most of them are written on their packs. This is not the case and, in fact, most shampoos are intentionally manufactured acidic so as to strip oil from your hair. The harmful effect of this is that your scalp will have to overwork so as to produce oil for the hair.

2. Hair smell
There are two categories of people in this world, those whose hair smell and those whose hair does not feel. The difference between the two is what and how they wash their hair. Neutral hair is clean, has no alkaline or acidic smell and this is what washing your hair without shampoo does to you although it conceals this with a non-lasting fragrance.

3.   Frizzy & short hair
The use of shampoo causes stress to your scalp by making it overproduce oil in a bid to cover up for the deficit caused when the same shampoo wipes all the oil from the head. Your hair will not have the optimum environment it requires so as to grow long. If your hair is curly, it will noticeably freeze up so much as compared to how it would have been had you left it without washing. These experiments show just how bad the consequences of washing your hair with shampoo can be.

How You Stop Using Shampoo and What to Use after that
If you have been using a shampoo for washing your hair with, then you might have that fear that quitting on using shampoo is impossible. You are wrong; it is possible to stop using shampoo regardless of how long you have been using it. This is how:

I. Try to use baking soda and vinegar in place of shampoo
This will act as your new “shampoo” for a while once you have decided quitting on using shampoo. Add water little by little until you achieve the consistency you desire and once you have it, pour the solution into bottles and place them in your shower right where you used to set your shampoo. Try to follow the same hair washing routine that you were using and rinsed. Pay attention when you are scrubbing your hair and scalp to notice if there are any changes do this for the next two weeks coming.

II. Start using water only
Once you have gotten used to washing with vinegar and baking soda in the place of shampoo, you can try using water only from the third week and going. Remember that you are not supposed to use chemicals in this or the previous step as this would mess up with the entire process that aims to prove that natural hair is far much better than shampooed hair. Just wash with plain water, comb your hair and take note of your scalp and its reaction to new procedures. Washing your hair with plain water aims at removing all oil and chemicals left in your and preparing it for the next stage.

III. Start using backing soda and vinegar again, but this time once a week
By now, you should have started noting some difference in how your hair looks. It should be soft and perfectly healthy and you can incorporate the use of vinegar and baking soda occasionally to preserve that natural glow that you notice in your hair.

You can use commercial products at this stage but be assured that there is nothing like a “natural” hair product by all definitions of that word. What you can search for instead is a product without many polysyllabic names, which typically are called for the chemical composition of the product. You can search online for DIY home hair products and restrict yourself from using any commercial product at all. Understand that you need to wash your hair often that is if you sweat a lot. Maintain a hair washing routine that will suit your lifestyle and produce the results that you desire.

Many benefits come from, not washing your hair without using shampoo. You will take personal responsibility in observing the behavior of your hair, appreciating some things which you otherwise would have ignored had you continued using shampoo. Shampoo makes you grosser and vinegar reduces the grossness on your body. People often take this point vice versa not remembering that it is a fact that shampoos are acidic.

Some benefits you accrue from the whole process include:
- You save a lot of cash that you would have otherwise used it to buy shampoo with.

- Using vinegar, baking soda or plain water also removes the poorly hidden smell caused by shampoos. Lovely clean and neutral hair is appealing and this is what quitting on using shampoo in washing your hair guarantees you. Conditioners are also preferred over shampoos as just a little conditioner helps you moisturize your hair without having to cause an upset in its balance. The secret in using other non-commercial products is ensuring that there is a balance so as to ensure that you do not end up with smelly, messed up hair on your head.

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