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Top 10 Reasons To Choose Organic Foods

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1. Super Flavor - organic fruits and vegetables grow slowly and have 30% more dry matter, it contributes to improve the taste of food. 

2. Positive Effect on our Health - organic food contains more vitamin C and important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and chromium, and antioxidants, which prevent the emergence of cancer. The organic milk naturally has more omega 3 acids, vitamin A and vitamin E and other antioxidants. 

3. No Harmful Additives - Only 32 out of the 290 food additives used in the EU are permitted in organic foods. Hydrogenated fats and sodium hazardous glutamine (MSG), which is associated with many health problems, are banned.

4. No Pesticides - No pesticides are allowed, which are also linked as causes of many diseases.

5. Without Organic Genetic Modification (GMO) - Organic food cannot be genetically modified.

6. Without Antibiotics - Antibiotics are routinely added to the standard diet of farm animals, so that, thus accelerating their growth, which in humans leads to the resilience of these or similar antibiotics. 

7. No “hidden” Pollutants - environmental pollutants become part of the organic food that manages to buffer. 

8. High Standards - organic farms and food are inspected at least once a year. 

9. Caring for Animals - In organic farming, the conditions of the life of the animals are most approximate as their natural life – free and comfortable movement. 

10. Caring for the Environment - Organic farming level contributes to the biological diversity of life on the farm.


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