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Fast Food Lowers Children’s IQ

(via ) Surely you know that fast food is injurious to health and that increases the risk for excessive weight gain. But did you know that fast food affects children’s intelligence as well?

A research that was conducted in London involved 4,000 children, and the results obtained are more than overwhelming.

The researchers made ​​two groups of respondents. One group consumed mostly fast food while the other group consumed mostly fresh food and prepared meals. After a certain period, scientists made ​​IQ test in both groups of children and clearly came to the conclusion that children who ate fast food had an average lower IQ than those children who ate fresh and traditionally prepared foods.

This research is interesting because previous studies were based on the impact of specific components of the diet and the development of IQ, while here it is generally two groups of foods that differ among themselves.

Researchers say that freshly cooked food can help the brain develop better and that is why these children have a higher IQ. This is especially important for children from 2 to 5 years of age, scientists added.

In this research, children who consume fast food have averaged about 2 points of lower IQ, than those who consumed fresh and cooked food. Parents should not forget that fresh and prepared food should always be on the menu of your children.

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